Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Church Involvement

We are motivating our two older girls to be involve in the church activities. We want them to be a blessing to others and start to serve God in their lives. Last to days ago, they ask us if they can attend a worship concert here in Hatyai. It is a best opportunity for them to experience this kind of activities while serving the Living God. They will experience to worship God through their voices. I believe that in the concert, there's a different kind of instrument used in their worship. I believe it is a musicians friend number that night. Different kinds of artists in that event and a lot of musicians were present.

I just pray that these two girls will be an instruments also to bless others and a channel of salvation to those who are seeking the true and living God.

Family Day Out

It's been several months that we haven't gone for a family day out. We've been so busy and stressed with a lot of things to consider in which we forgot the most important thing in the family. But last Monday, during school holiday, we went out to the park even for a few hours. The children love to be out. Love to play and express their emotions freely. I have tried to play with them as well and realized that they love it playing with them.

I think, this time we will make sure that we can have a family time in the midst of our busy schedules. Bonding time has a great impact in the lives of these kids. Hope we can really be a father and mother to these lovely children of God.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Another Round Of Online

A couple of days ago, we discover another online shopping store but this time, you have to bid. On our first time engaging ourselves on this online shop, we found a guitar. I started my bid until I got it at last. Because, my wife really wants to have a guitar so I make sure that this item could be mine and I made it. We don't have the vox ac15 but I am sure that my wife will love this new guitar for her. She will enjoy herself singing worship songs in her spare times.

Just for only one day, I shopped five items on this online shop. This is very tempting for us but I enjoy myself playing here. Hope their items will be durable.


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