Friday, January 8, 2010

God is Good All the Time... Eight More Weeks to Go

I must admit, as we go through my wife's pregnancy I can't deny that everyday I won't worry about her situation. Yes, I don't let her know what I really felt because I knew that she has the same feelings or more that what I feel. She was the one who experienced the pain and emotionally hurt and scared. It's been a difficult situation for her while she had experienced two miscarriaged. There are times that every morning I would asked her... How are you? Are you  Ok? Our emotions then were mixed... we are really excited with our baby yet scared... Time passed and now, we are on the seventh months and eight more weeks to go... Joy in our hearts every time Jaden is kicking or moving in my wife's tummy.. Praises really come out from our lips to give glory and honor to God.. We also want to PRAISE GOD for the strength He gave to us especially to my wife and baby Jaden as well..
Sometimes, she's so funny when she told me one morning that she dreamed many things the night before.. She said, she read in the book that pregnant women had so many dreams and fantasies. It could be true because, pregnant women thinks alot and expect alot.
I know that we are not yet through with these but I believe in the Mighty hands of God. He is the one, who will sustain my wife and baby Jaden also. God is with us for seven months and I know that He is still with us until baby Jaden will be born. We are also thankful for the supports of our friends who are praying for us... God is Good all the TIME...

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