Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thank God It's Normal

My wife's blood test today is already third times since the last two test was Gestational Diabetes positive but we are really thankful to God that it was now normal. I noticed that the Doctor really consider this matter seriously and very concerned that it must be normal. Then as I mentioned it to my other blog, our doctor adviced my wife to avoid sweet foods. Also to lessen the measures of rice she eats. Praise God it really works yet the doctor said that my wife will continue to minimized sweets or sugar content foods until she give birth. We are also thankful that by this time it's already in her 34 weeks and 6 more weeks to go. Everyday we're getting closer to our expected date.. The next two weeks will be our doctor's appointment again.... take note... another blood test.. whew.....! We just pray that the blood sugar of my wife will be normal till she give birth. We entrust all to God to make all this things possible.

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