Saturday, January 2, 2010

What to Expect...?

During my wife's pregnancy we had so many things to be considered. We only had little knowledge about pregnancy. Besides it is so different if you are already in a situation rather than stored knowledge. Since then, we searched for some pregnancy tips from books to internet. We took it seriously all the information that we had as we consider the pregnancy as fragile in my wife's situation. It is very intricate for us her condition having an experienced of miscarraige. All acquired pregnancy tips are valuable to us. We are also thankful that some of our experienced friends shaped tips also.
It was about two months when we made a pregnancy tests because we are not expecting it anyways so we don't mind of being delay on her monthly period but we are so happy yet some fears thinking to happen again the bad experienced we had. Then during our doctor's appointment we make sure it is really positive. My wife said that it is not really easy being pregnant but thank God, He give us wisdom in every steps we take.
At this time my wife started to have a pregnancy exercises. Regular exercise for pregnant women is very necessary. It has a huge contribution during delivery. Pregnant women are being encourage by their practisioner to have a regular exercises. Pregnancy exercises start it now if you are a pregnant woman.

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