Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Secret of Home

 This is one of my compilation. I got this when I was in Bukidnon, Philippines. I really like this recipe.

Recipe for A Successful Home


1 Loving Husband
1 Gentle Wife
1 Package of trust for each of the above
3 heaping cups of LOVE
1 cup each of HUMILITY and FORGIVENESS
Generous Dashes of WORK and PLAY


1.Prepare any size HOME container by lining it with one Bible for each part of the first three ingredients.

2. Place all ingredients before the Lord for supervision, then combine it in a mixing bowl.

3. Pour well-mixed batter into a HOME container and baked in a regulated oven of Adversity and Forgiveness.

4. When sword comes out clean of bad feelings, thoughts and actions and then FAMILY is ready for a sweet toppings of GOD'S APPROVAL.

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My Memories and Crystals said...

wow these are great words... Kamusta na?


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