Thursday, April 5, 2012

Jaden At Lantern Festival

The time we arrived in the place we saw the expression of excitement in the face of our little boy. The fact that he loved animals then he just so eager to get close to every animals he see. To see Jaden in his excitement I just appreciate the innocence of the little kids like him. They want adventures, they want to try all they wanted.. It came to my mind also the fact and felt glad that some kids were very fortunate to experience this happiness with their family but as well as pity for other kids who are just longing to experience the joy and happiness others did.
I am just thankful to God for giving Jaden this opportunity to enjoy though he cannot really appreciate with words but just enjoy the moment seeing big animals. Every time he saw animals he just name it with excitement. As parents I think, it is a job well done to let your children explores their innocence and contentment.

go Jaden go...!

Jaden wants to go by himself.

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texas_sweetie said...

Hi I just followed your blog, will you follow mine too? /..thank you!

I have a girl I named Jadyn and she is 4 yrs.old now..


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