Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jaden in Ice Dome

Last time Jaden has an opportunity to go inside Ice Dome here in Hatyai. This is maybe a late post here but I want to make this thing memorable to Jaden so I decided to write it here..
To go to Ice Dome was really unplanned. We are not prepared to go there yet we did. I felt hesitant to bring Jaden inside because He was wearing just an overall shirt without a long pants. I was afraid he cannot stay long in a cold place.. but he has a think jacket though. Yet when we were inside he enjoys it. he want to play but I am not still confident with his condition. So i think we just stay inside for about 5-10 minutes. Hope that we can go back there when Jaden is a bit older already and also prepared to go inside. For me, I was not able to enjoy since my concern is my little son. So I tried to cover him with my coat too.. I like the place, so want to go back there and hope by this time my wife can go inside too..

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