Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Jaden in the Philippines

It's almost two months that i haven't seen my little Jaden. But they already back since last Sunday. He has grown bigger than I expected and he is very talkative. He talks a lot. As my wife told me that our little Jaden did a lot of adjustments during their stay in the Philippines. He doesn't like much of Filipino food. Even the language he is struggling a bit. But the funny thing is all the kids in the Philippines that played with Jaden were forced to speak English. Jaden will not respond to them if they talk Tagalog language. Not only the kids but older people tried to speak English with Jaden too. It was good for them I think... he he he... It is just quite irony that for Jaden, he is like a stranger in his own country. Right now he enjoys to be home.. Thailand is his home already..

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