Sunday, April 15, 2012

Jaden's First Songkran

April 13- 15 is a most expected event if you are living in Thailand. Last Friday April 13 started the Songkran celebration of Thailand or we say it a "Thai New Year's Day". To our little Jaden, we are indecisive if we really go out on the street with him? For a two year old boy will he enjoy this event? Will he just cry if people will throw water on him? What will be his reaction if someone throw water on him? This question will not be answered if we will not try to go out the street with our little boy. So, around 10 am we put on Jaden's songkran outfit and headed out on the street and to our surprised Jaden loves it. If people will throw water he will shoot too with his water gun. As we drive around the town with the motorbike our little boy shouts go, go, go as you can see the expression of excitement on his face. We drove almost two hours around the town wet but he never been uneasy. The same expression you can see in his face. He never did cry even some people tried to throw water with ice on him. I am just happy that our little Jaden loves Songkran. We will do it next year.

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