Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Soon To Come Home...

I always imagine that for a month and a half that my wife and son were gone to Philippines and leaving me here is soon to be over, I am already eager to see them. I am thinking how big Jaden will be for this long. As i talk to my wife often in the internet, she's always telling me that our little boy drinks milk and eats a lot.. She also told me that Jaden is very restless. There life in the Philippines is a bit different than here. My wife always complains that Jaden's diaper and milk are so expensive. For our poor Jaden that he was used to be in the house that he can play freely then being in the Philippines that houses there in quite small, so he's a little bit uneasy with the surroundings. But now we are counting few more days.. He is soon to be home. God bless you trip..!

He enjoys this ride. One older kid before him is crying but Jaden really likes it.

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