Monday, May 28, 2012

Jaden and Barney

      Our little boy is so addicted with barney. He enjoys every shows barney has. Jaden even knew most of the videos barney has. One of the best thing Jaden like barney is the music. He even takes pleasure every song barney does with his friends. Our little boy really appreciate musical instruments. Every part of the shows that barney has instruments Jaden will look for his toy instruments too. What amazed us is Jadens memory.. it is like a multitrack recorders that every shows barney has he can follow.
      I think Jaden's passion in music becomes so vivid to us right now. We are also looking for christian music cd's for kids so that Jaden will be nurture about Christ through Christian music. Praying that this passion Jaden has will not change in the future.

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