Friday, May 18, 2012

Jaden In The Foreign Land

          Since Jaden was born in Thailand and as he is growing up, we had some worries about his life in general. We are right now making alternative in his education. Do we have to send him to a Thai school or will we just do home school with him? I consider this to be a tough situation that we need to cater. Education is very important in every kids and for us next year probably Jaden will be ready for school.
          I think parents living outside our home country has the same feelings. We will see to it that kids' future will be in place. One thing we need to secure for our kids is their welfare. We will make sure our kids will be safe through universal life insurance or medical insurance.This is very important to everyone of us.
          We still have a couple of things for Jaden that we are on the process of putting it in place. Hope that in God's time, God will do His own will. We all rely it in God's hand especially for Jaden's future in the foreign land.

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