Saturday, May 5, 2012

Jaden's Experienced In The Hospital

Last year Jaden was brought to the hospital twice. The first one was the cause of Diarrhea. This first experienced he has give him a bit trauma. When we brought him back after several months because of allergy he was so scared with the nurses. Every time he saw a lady with a nurse uniforms he starts to cry. Right now, every time we go to the hospital for a regular check up we can still see on Jaden's expression that he is a bit nervous. I believe my son will overcome this little by little. We just let him feel that we are always in his side. I think the experienced he had in the hospital before was very traumatic to him. I believe all the little kids has a lot of traumatic experiences but for our little son so far only in the hospital. Sometime we parents are more in trauma to see our little kids scared of something.

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