Saturday, May 26, 2012

Jaden's Passion

            I and my wife dreamed that our little Jaden will have passion in music world. While my wife was on her pregnancy we sing a song to him. Since he was born, we always play music to him. Now we are just thankful that we can see Jaden's interests in music. He has some toy instruments in the house and it helps him to be more engage in music. He can even follow us when we are singing some christian songs.
           We are even planning, if God will allow this to our little boy to send him to a music school when he is 4 years old. We are also saving little amount of money to buy musical instruments. We will see if we can buy Benedetto for him or for now just a simple guitar that he can practice or keyboard if possible. We want to see Jaden to be in the music world but still we will need God's perfect plan to fulfill in the life of our little Jaden. For now, we will just enjoy the process of his growing. Not to be in a hurry. Perfect time will come its way.

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