Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Jaden's Play Time

          Sometimes after church we go to the nearby mall to let Jaden play in the children's corner. He is so excited and want to have rides in every possible opportunity. So funny to see our little son doesn't know which one will be the first ride for him. He was just overwhelmed to see a lot of rides he can. Giving him enough time to play helps him enjoy every rides he did. He is full of energy running around every corner choosing rides he wanted. Giving this special time for our little kid bring joy to him and to be with others kids helps develop being sociable and also build his self esteem. This also part of his daily adventures in his childhood. I believe kids associates with other kids is very important to every child's emotional development. I think we can bring Jaden to play here once every two weeks. I hope it will be enough for him right now.


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