Sunday, May 27, 2012

Jaden AT The Playground In Our Neighborhood

Jaden and his Tita...
We just discover that there is an area that children can play. There's a couple of slides, swings, etc. Jaden want to play here every afternoon. Jaden enjoy playing here even playing alone. It really doesn't matter to him. The only thing he wants is to play.. to slides and sometimes swing with daddy.

A very serious face.. like his.....

 Daddy wants to take time playing with little Jaden after work. I want to spent time bonding with him. Playing together can build a wonderful friendship for father and son.
          It was a good thing that there's a playground in our neighborhood. Jaden can play from time to time if we are not busy. This is a best place of our growing boy to play freely.  A moments of adventure for Jaden with an exercises too. This kid's experience day by day help his development holistically.

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