Thursday, May 10, 2012

One Of Jaden's Interests

        We have notice right now that Jaden has some interests that amused us. One of his interest as we observe is his desire of toy cars, trucks and other heavy equipments. One of our neighbors gave a toy for Jaden but i don't know what it is called... maybe it is a digger or a tractor but it is a heavy equipment used for digging soil. He played it for almost three hours and even brought it to bed with him but the following day it was broken already. Not a durable toy though. I forgot to take a picture of the toy. But this desire Jaden has started when he used to see trucks in our neighborhood every day. They are developing the land next to our village. Jaden would pull me to go outside every day to watch trucks transporting soil to another place. I am wondering if this heavy equipments need an atv winch but anyway our little boy enjoyed watching this every day and since then he looks for car or truck toys. This is a wonderful experience for our little boy to expose on something important to him. He really wants to play these kind of stuff. I took some pictures Jaden saw everyday in our neighborhood.

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