Friday, June 8, 2012

Jaden's Daily Routine

After breakfasts Jaden will just asks to watch his favorite movies. A never ending Barney played but we are grateful that he is learning fasts and his memories are so sharp to remember every details. A lot of his vocabularies he got from watching movies. I know that it's not also helpful for kids to be on television all the time. We make sure that his routine will be balanced. We give him time for his coloring book or to let him draw for fun. His workmans comp ability will be exercised step by step for his adventures. I admit as a first time parent sometime we don't know what is best for our kids. But I am just thankful, as parents we are working together to be able to comprehend for our child's needs. His routine everyday is very helpful in his growth.

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Josie said...

Hi Irvin, Jayden is very cute, this is my first time to visit, btw. thanks for adding me in your blogroll, will do the same. best regards!


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