Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Glimpse 2 Years Ago

Two times already and two times frustration I experienced knowing that I was not with my son on his birthday. Yeah, two times already. On his first birthday last two years ago when I was in a training in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. On his second birthday he was with his mom went back to Philippines.Hoping next year, it will not be the same.. hope I will be with my son on his third birthday.
I remember on his first birthday one of our family friends gave this diaper cake. It looks so nice to me. I like it. I appreciate the creativity she has with these diaper in forming like a cake. So to make it memorable my wife took a photo of it. When I come back home this diaper cake was used already.. I didn't see it with my two eyes.


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lisgold said...

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