Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Picky Jaden

As what I learned that sometimes parents were worried about their kids when it comes to their meals. Aside from milk toddlers need solid food and this been a major concerned of every parents. I am not really sure if this is normal for kids to be picky with the foods. Parents always make sure that their kids will eat nutritious food but a dismay to some parents that their kids were picky enough.
This is seems bothered us for our Jaden. He is very picky with foods. We had a hard time discovering what he really likes. But we don't see him losing his weight. Does his restlessness contribute of not eating much? He is quite active this time and even meal time he will not stay put on his chair. We always chase him during eating time. But one of the best meal he likes is the scrambled egg with ground chicken or pork. He will intently sit down and tries to eat as much as he can. But we can't give him this kind of meal all the time because he needs a balance diet. I know he needs healthy food intake everyday for his physical and mental development.

Scrambled egg with ground pork and rice

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