Sunday, July 29, 2012

Collecting Educational Materials For Jaden

One of the most fulfilling thing as parents is when we nurture our kids in the model that God wants them to be. We make always make sure that our kids will walk a life with humility. We want them to see in the footsteps that imprints integrity. How will this happens? In their innocent age we need to shape them. We need to engage them in things we know will benefit them in the future.

This is our very concern with our little boy. He is growing so fast. That's why my wife makes sure that she will meet his very need. My wife is collecting materials like books, DVD's, toys that are incredibly helpful. She is also searching some resources in the internet. One time while searching she found how to learn about penny stocks with TimSykes . She found it interesting but not related to what she needs for our little son's materials.

We are amazingly surprised how Jaden learns so fast. He learns a lot on audio/visual materials that we had. We have gladness in our hearts to see how much Jaden engage to books. Hoping that it will be his life until he is older. But above all, our prayers that he will walk in the way God wants him to tackle. He will live a life that will bless others. He will share the love of God to others.

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Michael said...

Keep up with your job of becoming the best parents for your kid. ☺

Btw, since you don't have a cbox, I will just visit you back whenever you visit my blog. Thanks!


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