Friday, July 6, 2012

Essential Planning For Jaden's Education

I am wondering if families working abroad with their kids had the same deportment like us regarding kids education. Outside our comfort zone deals a lot of heartrending feelings when it comes to kids significance. As we imagine how our kids will try to resolve with their adjustments just to mingle with the kids of various cultures and upbringings. But I think for some countries that their first or second language is English then our kids can easily get along with the other kids.
As we are considering of sending our kids to school when they reach they school age there are some presumptions arises upon us. We don't even know what will be our kids reactions. Questions may come to our mind...will my kid hastily get along with the other kids?
By this time Jaden is not in his school age but not too long he will. As of this time, his mom tries to do tutoring some basic things like alphabet and numbers. My wife enjoys it because we can see how eager our little boy to learn. We have some plans regarding Jaden's education. We might consider that he will go to a Thai school but we will try to do some homeschool too. We want to educate him about Philippines and Filipino in culture.

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