Monday, July 30, 2012

Mom's To - Do - Lists

Even it's extremely long way to go for our vacation trip next year to the Philippines, mom has already some to-do-lists she needs to bring home. Even a lists of things she will bring here back.. Not obviously excited huh.... lol.. I love my wife being this way. She doesn't want to miss things later so she has to do it "the earlier the better"... I want that way too.. My wife and I don't want to crumble on the day of our schedule.
We are considering some "pasalubong" or presents for our friends and relatives which Filipinos don't want to overlooked it. I think its part of our culture, right? So, what we're thinking is to buy some silver chains, silver bracelets and some necklaces. Since jewelries here in Thailand is a bit cheaper than in the Philippines so we are planning to purchase some and bring it home. Hoping we can find shops with a cheaper price to buy what we're looking.


lina@women said...

It's surely great gifts.
Came here to visit u back :)

Harry said...

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