Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Where Is My Paci (Pacifier)

Few days ago,  we are wondering how can we stop Jaden sucking his pacifier. Actually he doesn't use the pacifier all the time yet we have some apprehension if this is the time to let him stop using it. I think last 3 months ago his Pacifier was lost not in purpose and at bedtime he can't sleep because his looking for his paci (as he used to call it). His crying already while saying... where is my paci..? where is my paci...? I want paci... and good thing we have one spare so we give it to him.

Blessing in disguise, 2 days had past when he thew his pacifier in the toilet bowl. lol... His mom is in the bathroom cleaning and he went inside with his paci and all of a sudden he threw it and shoot in the toilet bowl... poor Jaden.. no more paci... At first we are really worried if he will look for his paci during bedtime. But on that incident his mom already explain to him that he will have no pacifier anymore. My wife tries to explain to him that his pacifier is yucky already. Then every time he will ask for his paci we told him that it's yucky already and he understands it. Even though we are concern what will happen at bedtime but I told my wife to prepare ourselves if he will look for it. But to our surprise, he was able to sleep without his pacifier. When he about to ask for it and remember that it's yucky then he will just stop and laugh on himself. We are so amized that he did a good sleep without his pacifier and he understands when we explain to him that he cannot use his pacifier anymore.


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