Saturday, August 25, 2012

AT 33rd Floor: Lee Garden Plaza Hotel

I remember that I was already 2 years ago when we brought Jaden at the 33rd floor of Lee Garden Plaza Hotel. It was my Mother in-law's birthday that time and Jaden was just about 4 months old. Honestly, It's been a long time we never been back at the 33rd floor to enjoy their buffet lunch or dinner. Added reason was the bombing that occur last March. I am a bit scared thinking that Jaden is with us. Am I very protective? Lol..!

But last July 26, during my birthday, It was the second time for him at the 33rd floor to enjoy the buffet for our dinner and to celebrate my birthday. This time he already enjoy being there. He is free to run around the area. Good thing only few people come that time, I think people are still scared for the possibilities to have bombs in this area. Anyways, glad to see that Jaden enjoys his time at the 33rd floor time time. When will be the third time for him? I still don't know.


Rudi said...

Sunny greetings from Belgium my dear friend

Rudi said...

Have a nice weekend my dear friend...with greetings from Belgium


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