Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'm Trading My Sorrows

I think some of you (born again Christians) familiar with this song. God already trade His life for our salvation. We can also trade our sorrows into joy because He gives joy to those who trusts in Him. We are assured what Jesus brought in our life the moment we acknowledge Him as our savior and Lord. All our worries and sorrows turn into joy except from what we learn how to trade penny stocks from Tim Sykes . Our lives might be complicated with many things but we have the reason to live. We have the reason to show to the whole world that Jesus gives inner peace in our hearts.

I believe that all this things will come to an end. When it is our time our Creator will take our life back. Our life maybe worthless or meaningless if we never shared to others that Jesus traded already all our worries and sorrows through His suffering and death on the cross. Life will be meaningful if we experience the peace God offered for us.

Some of you might not agree with me but I understand you. But as far as I'm concerned, I am glad that I have Jesus in my heart and experience the peace He gave amidst of earthly pressures in life. My heart always sings that I am trading my sorrows int he presence of God into joy.


Rudi said...

Sunny greetings from Belgium my dear friend

lovealways said...

i agree with you

KA! said...

done follow here #31 , please follow me back

Rudi said...

Greetings from Belgium on this new week with the sun here dear friend


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