Saturday, August 18, 2012

Jaden's Prayer

I wanted that Jaden will be employ his innocent age in prayer. My prayer that at this age he will experience amazing things to be with God and always be his passion as he grows up.. To make this to fulfillment, we make sure, every night we have a prayer time together with him. So overwhelming to see him utters the word of prayer as he follows me. He may not understand yet what prayer is but he sees it as a serious matter because we do it regularly at night. He also reminds us to pray for him if he feels sleepy already.

We train him to pray for our friends, our families and even people whom we are working with. Sometimes if I missed someone to mention he will remind me of the names I forgot. I am so glad to see our Jaden growing in the way God wants him to be as we guide him his way.. Our prayer that he will really not depart from the biblical principle we are passing on to him. I believe his prayer reached to our Heavenly Father.


lisgold said...

an afternoon visit...have a nice Monday to everyone of us!

Rudi said...

Have a nice start of this new week my dear friend


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