Thursday, August 2, 2012

Musical Movies

It is an interesting thing to see our kid growing in the passion of singing or music. In his 2 years of age you can now discern that he loves music. Jaden even enjoys watching movies for kids that are musical. He loves to watch Barney, Cailou, Cedarmont and also Gigglebellies. He can follow all the songs he heard. Sometimes he will run to the kitchen and look for something he can use as an instrument. Maybe he imagine that he is holding a heavy rock guitar in his two hands. I am so much thankful to God for giving Jaden this kind of talent. Through musical movies he learns a lot of songs.. He is also learning some christian songs for kids too. Praying that this talent he has will be offered to God as he grows older.

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Dя Toxifier said...

Nice post! :) I hope he does good learning all that! :D


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