Sunday, August 26, 2012


Since we are in a realm of technologies nowadays, most of the time our priority change. We want to go with the flow. If our friends buying digital cameras with a bigger storage micro sd card, ipad, ipod, expensive cell phones etc., we want to have one too. We make our priorities to minor things that oftentimes engross us. We need to be careful and think million times what is best for ourselves and for our families then we will not regret after all.

My concern in my family that we will always make sure that our priorities will be dealt first. Right now our priority is to buy some clothes for our Jaden. He is already getting bigger and some of his clothes doesn't fit anymore. But we don't buy much clothes because we are aware that every now and then he is growing physically so fast. I think every month we buy clothes for him. We can hardly imagine that he is growing that fast. We still have some concerns for our Jaden but it's not in a hurry yet. It can still wait a little longer.  I believe if we will do things properly according to our priorities we will enjoy the fully. Even the Bible says... "There is a time for everything." So it must be one step at a time. 


Tal | ThePinayWanderer said...

Agree with you there, we should always set our priorities so we'll always be guided. Thanks for the visit, returning the favor here. :)

Rudi said...

Greetings from Belgium with much rain & wind here my dear friend

Rudi said...

Greetings from Belgium with 20 degrees and sun outside my dear friend


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