Monday, August 13, 2012

Training Begins

Last time I posted here how accidentally not in purpose our little Jaden weaned from his pacifier. It was not a hard time for us explaining him what happened. I think he understood well but sometimes if he remembers it he will just say.. yucky paci... and then pinching his nose as if he smells something bad.

Another thing made us excited few days ago, we try to  train him how to use the toilet. But to our surprise we just try it once. now every time he will go potty, he will tell us and neither I nor his mom heave us to bring him to the toilet. Thanks to him, we are now minimizing our expenses for his diapers. Hoping one of these days he will totally do it by himself. Hoping he will not use diapers during day time. It will be a big less for us financially.

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