Thursday, September 20, 2012

Flood Damage

It was still fresh to me the flood experienced we had last two years ago. It caused a lot of damage from our belongings that until now we never did a repair. One of those were our dining chairs that needed a leather chair repair. I am now a bit uncomfortable sitting on in a broken chair. Blame it to the flood... hehehe... I was just confident that time that the flood will not go as high as I did expect. So, I didn't mind to took those dinning chairs on the second floor. I just did got a lesson too. This flood experience I had two years ago taught me a lot. Hoping the damage made by flood before will not be encountered in the future.


Rudi said...

Greetings my friend on this carfree day here in Belgium

AMHADIEN said...

Good Post :)

And this is my firs time visit in your blog :)

succes always for you my friend :)


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