Saturday, September 15, 2012

Seat For Jaden

Every time we go out, our eyes were busy looking for motorcycle repair shop. You're wondering why? We have been looking for a baby seat to built in the motorcycle for Jaden to sit on. It's been a while already for the seat hunting because we want Jaden to sit in front by himself. I can even drive bringing Jaden with me without any assistance if he has his own seat in front of me. We had a hard time driving around the city because it seems we are not fit anymore on the motorbike seat so we need an extension for baby seat in front. We can look for a seat belt for his security too. If ever we need to remove it we can easily took it with the help of seat belt cutter at But until now we are on the search where to find a baby seat for motorbike. Some knows where to find here in Hatyai?


Rudi said...

Greetings from Belgium my friend and have a nice start of this new week Jaden

cissreal said...

hello...visit here my friend good evening

budi os 19 said...

great post n nice pic :D

Anonymous said...

Does this site have a page on Facebook?


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