Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Back To Normal Sleep

Thank you Lord... Jaden has backed to his good sleep at night by this time. He doesn't crawl on our bed anymore and of course we had a wonderful deep sleep too. No one will awake us since he sleeps well already. I observed last time on his sleepless night maybe because of the dogs in our village howling all night. But since this time, the dogs are silent already and I don't understand why sometimes they are howling all night.

We are just happy that the sleeping problem of our little boy was now over. Hope it will not happen again. We are not comfortable too when he is with us on the bed together. We are used to the fact that he sleeps separately by himself. Hope that he will get used of the sounds of the howling dogs if ever they will do it again.


lisgold said...

here visiting..

lina@women said...

I also don't like listening howling dog noise :)

Rudi said...

Have a nice thursday my friend...miep miep from Belgium on a misty day

El3kTr0 said...

Hello its great!!!! you now can sleep!!! congrats jeje have a nice day :)


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