Sunday, October 7, 2012

Changed of Pediatrician

The last Doctor's appointment we had for Jaden, we were astounded when the Pedia clinic staff brought us to a different room. We knew already the room of Jaden's Pediatrician so I was a bit surprised with irritation in my mind because the hospital staff didn't explained to us in the first place. We did follow the staff with confusion but we have no choice but to do it. Later we knew as Jaden's new Pedia told us that His Pedia before got married and moved to the northern part of Thailand. We felt sad too because we are already comfortable with her and she is a very nice Pedia we knew here. Anyway, we have no other option and we will see Jaden's new Pedia for his injection after 4 years. We will try to get a long with the new Pediatrician of Jaden. I think she is nice too. She is also familiar to us since she was able to took care of Jaden before.

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