Saturday, October 6, 2012

Counting Days

Yeah.... we are thrilled while counting day for another baby to come. We are wondering what will be Jaden's reaction if he sees new baby in our house. Whether he will be jealous if we give much attention to the coming baby or will he be excited too if he sees his cousin is still a big question for us. Will wait and see if he sees it. Hope it will not affect him much.

30 more days (to be exact) to go for the due date expected for the delivery of my wife's cousin that stay with us right now. Thinking to have another baby in the family even not purely ours but still the enthusiasm somehow drives us with the feeling of a new baby coming so soon. But I don't know what my wife's cousin felt at this point of time especially her partner is not around. Hope and pray that she will have a normal delivery and to have a healthy baby.


Rudi said...

With greetings from Belgium...have a great saterday my friend

lisgold said...

A weekend visit..Have a nice weekend!


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