Monday, October 8, 2012

Hospital Staff On Their Apron

I was not able to control myself not to take pictures of these hospital staff having their apron aside from their white uniform. How did they come out with this idea to put on apron? What was the purpose of this? I didn't notice if this is only in the kids clinic section of the hospital or some other staff too. 

It was been eye catching scene when we entered the entrance of this kids clinic section seeing the staff on their apron. Our naked eyes wasn't able to ignore this. It scrutinized the whole thing to answers our speculations. But I think it looks nice too.


lisgold said...

May you have a great start of the week, here a Monday night visit..

Penyuluh Perikanan said...

usul ya kawan
pasang buku tamunya, biar oke

Rudi said...

Greetings from Belgium on a sunny autumn day here my friend Jaden


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