Saturday, October 6, 2012

Jaden Needs A Jacket

How cold the weather this year will be? I have no idea how cold the rainy season brings this year but one thing I am so certain is, our turning 3 years old son needs a jacket this rainy days. Checking on the patagonia jacket they have available items for kids. Maybe I will consider to get one online or just look for a good quality jacket here in area if there's available just for our desired. There are several department stores in our area where we can checked for an available item we needed.

I don't know how long this rainy season will lasts since this season seems three months came late. As some supposed that rainy season falls on the month of June or July but this time October when it started to rain most often. Anyway, hope we can have a jacket for Jaden before this seasons will be on it's blasts.

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