Monday, October 8, 2012

Karaoke Bar Closed

If you can hear the word Karaoke, what is your connotation? I think we have the same thinking.. It is a place where we are free to sing.. Music is in every corner like the sound of vox ac15 blue. Sometimes the place has a music band too. Karaoke is the place where people love night life. But its different here in Hatyai. No music can be heard or no singers singing and it opens in day time.

Thank God the Karaoke in front of our Center was closed. It was an answered prayer because it has a bad image for the kids. The kids can see everyday different kinds of men and women are wearing sexy dresses. After three years of praying God made it possible. It was closed now.. Thank you Lord...

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Eka said...

i was visit here :)


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