Saturday, October 6, 2012

Stream... English Worship Service

Finally one church decided to cater English worship here in our area. I believe that all the English speakers will be excited about this. This doesn't mean that we don't like the Thai way of worship but I think as a foreigner we still longed for the language that we can understand completely. This is what we've been waiting for... We can worship God, sing praises to Him fully because we understand the meaning of the song.

Tomorrow will be the first English worship and I believe persons involve in this said launching are a bit busy setting up things needed. Instruments were ready to serve a wonderful music that pleases God. Since the church have some instruments available I don't know if they need a baritone thing during the worship. I will not miss this English Worship launching tomorrow... Wanna join too?



i like this... :D

M Taufik said...

hello...visit here my friend happpy weekend


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