Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Steadfast Love Of The Lord Never Ceases

We have so much joy experiencing the faithfulness of God in our lives. We are so amazed how God directs our little Jaden in His path. Gladness in my heart knowing that God put songs in the heart of our little boy. He can almost memorized the song since every morning he sings it with his mom.

Sometimes, during his play time he spotted his broken guitar, he will just grabbed it and started to strum it like he's holding a true guitar of classic les paul guitars.I really impressed how he love music himself. I will be more grateful if someday he will use this God given talent for the glory of God. And this song will remains in his heart as he continues to proclaim the faithfulness of God in his life.


Rudi said...

Have a nice midweek my friend...with a smile, greetings from Belgium

James Wendele Plaza Puracan said...

tnx for the visit...

El3kTr0 said...

Hi there my friend!!! Great to be here like every day :D


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