Saturday, November 24, 2012

He Is Always Hiding My Mobile Phone

Now our Jaden knows how to make fun of us. He did many time already, when he will see my phone he will grab and run trying to hide it then comes back smiling at us. We can figure out that he did something strange we didn't recognize. My wife and I just looked at each other smiling. Good thing our house is not that big and downstairs area is not so messy so we can easily find the phone he hides. What if we can't find it? My wife needs a new phone right now and if I lost my phone we will be in great trouble.

I know there's a lot of mobile phones available right now and even online like mobile site from Mobstac but that's not our worries. It's not that easy especially if it takes an extra amount from your budget. I know Mobstac has a lot to offer but as I have said that's not our worries.

It's good that we can always find my phone every time Jaden hides it. I love the way he makes fun of us but sometimes we need to be observant too if it helps building him being a person.

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