Saturday, November 17, 2012

Jaden And The Puppy

I thought Jaden will love the puppy when he will see it but it wasn't. When he saw the puppy he looked for a stick and tried to hit the puppy. I think I taught him not to be kind to the dog. Before we got the puppy, there is a street puppy in our neighborhood. That puppy was so skinny and dirty with a big lies all over the body. This puppy comes inside our porch all the time and leave the lies there. I really don't like it. I am not a dog lover too. So, in order for the street puppy not to come inside our porch, I tried to hit him with a stick. Jaden does it too. Whenever he see the puppy on the porch he will look for a stick and hit it. So when we got our own puppy he still tries to hit it. We got a hard time explaining to him that he is our puppy and we need to take care. It took us almost two weeks for everyday telling him not to hit our puppy. Now he is used to see doughnut (puppy's name) and he doesn't hit anymore. I got my lesson too.!

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