Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It's Like We Got a Professional Guitarist

At last, we are done with our busy time preparing for our Christmas party. Yesterday, i think we had a wonderful program especially with our music, bands, and dancers. We're just praying that the people enjoyed the event last night though it's not perfect in the sense that some were not prepared. The most important thing was, they heard the message of God. That God loves the world (people).

I was amazed with the performance of our guitarist. It's really like he is a professional in the field of music. The way he lead the band is so awesome (Thank you so much for the great help you did for us and For God). I don't know if the quality of guitar has a part of it or it really depends the person plays it. I forgot to ask him if his guitar is one of the Charvel Guitars or not. Hope I can see him again so then I can ask him. Hope I won't forget again.

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