Friday, December 7, 2012

Jaden Does Ministry

Our Christmas Party is about to come in a few days. Although our manpower is very limited yet God makes His way for the preparation be done accordingly. Jaden did a good job too. He was with us all the time for the past few days too since no one will take care of him. This morning he was with us while we are distributing the invitation flyers in the community. Even though it's quite hot sunny day yet Jaden never complained besides it seems he likes it. He enjoys doing it. Praise God for this wonderful experience you are giving to our son. Thank you Lord for making things in place for Your Glory and Honor. Hope that Jaden will love helping people and willing to serve the Lord for mankind. This is our prayer. May God put it in the heart of our little Jaden and it will grow more and more as he grows older.

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