Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Preparation For School

I and my wife are already had some talked about Jaden's schooling. To be able to know Thai language we are considering to send him to a local Thai school for his nursery. It is also necessary for him to develop friendship since this time he is all by himself playing. Sometimes, he doesn't know how to play nice if he has some visitors come to visit the house. We are now looking for school that is available for bilingual kids to enhance his English too. We are pretty well aware that we will have a hard time finding this kind of school here in Hatyai. If there are some but maybe the school fees are expensive as well.

Maybe if Jaden is already in college he can take University test in the Philippines but we are way more far from it. Yet we need to face Jaden's need at this time. He must have his school preparation started second quarter next year. We will also try to asks from our friends in the Philippines that runs a school if possible that they can give Jaden a privilege for homeschooling curriculum. We are praying that all things will work smoothly for our little Jaden's education. Sometimes it's very complicated for our kids schooling if we are off from our country.

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