Sunday, January 20, 2013

He Sprayed Our Computer

During my absence at home makes my wife having a hard time watching Jaden and doing some house chores. Most of the time, especially in the morning after breakfast Jaden will watch some educational video clips in the computer. During that time, my sister-in-law started her class too and my wife will have a double watch..

One day while he is watching video clips from the computer and my wife busy taking the needs of her nephew when our son run out  from the room and saw the spray for ironing on the shelf. He grabbed it and spayed on the computer while no one is watching him. The computer is dead. My wife called me what to do.. I told her to let it dry for a while. So, our poor son cannot watch videos for a few days. He entertain himself with other stuffs he saw at home. After four or five days when my wife tried to open the computer again. Thank God it works. Now our little boy enjoys his moment on the computer again. Thank God the computer was not completely broken.

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