Monday, January 14, 2013

Missing Jaden A Lot

I've been away from home for already a week and I already missed my son so much (absolutely his mom too). Everyday when we talk to the phone and my son telling me I missed you dad really melt my heart. My wife would always told me that our son every moment would ask "where is daddy mom?" This is not the first time I've been away with my family but as the days go by and our little Jaden grows older and can express his feelings, I can't help but to miss him much.
Anyway, few more days and I'm done here in Bangkok and be home again in a couple of days. It's really hard to be away from your family. But I believe God is always with us and He is there to guide our way. All this things bring back the Glory and Honor to God. He gave this opportunity to me and I am blessed to be a recipient of God's wonderful works in our lives. Even though I missed my family still I would say... To God be the Glory..!

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