Monday, January 14, 2013

Mom Needs A Driver's License

I remember 2010 when I took my Driver's License here in Thailand. I had a hard time when my written test. As far as I can remember, I took 4 times on written one. That time I am thinking of some ways how to pass the test. If I knew that DMVcheatsheets are available online, I don't had a hard time with my test before.

But, wait, my wife needs to get her own Driver's License so maybe we can try it. She must needs to have a driver handbook for her reviews. She needs to take the written test and hopefully if she get some information and did some reviews about road rules then she can make it once.

I think she really needs to take her driver's license because she is driving most often especially when I'm not around. She can make it for sure. We will make a goal that within this year she can get it. She will get it purposeful for her own good too. But when I told her my experienced with my time she is a bit scared that she will fail too. It's like she doesn't want to take a test in four times or more. We'll see if she goes to the LTO department.

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