Monday, January 21, 2013

No Need Of Toilet Seat

When Jaden was about 1 year old we are planning to buy a potty trainer for him. We thought it to be necessary for him but we never imagine how time flies and his going to be 3 years old and we never bought a potty trainer. But during those days that we are training him to go to the bathroom every time he will pee and to tell us if he wants to poop, he was so helpful. He was able to tell us his time to pee or poop. Right now he was used to do his bathroom routine. We are blessed that we haven't experienced a hard time training him for his bathroom necessity.
Now, I think no need for a toilet seat bidet for our little boy. He can help himself for his bathroom needs.I remember some of our friends that has a hard time training their kids when it comes to bathroom issues. They had to buy a potty trainer but we are glad that we had not spent any penny for a potty trainer for out boy. I think we only need more time and patience in training our kids as he grows everyday. I believe they will learn it easily and become their habit.

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