Sunday, February 17, 2013

Caillou's Marching Band


Jaden would love to watch this video everyday. But not only watching, he follows it. He looks for a stick and something he can use as his drum. He can improvise some instruments he needed. While the video plays he will go round the house marching even he's just alone. Sometime he will grabbed me and want to march with him. It's fun marching with him though. It was his joy. 

Poor boy, sometimes he can't find some thing he can use as his improvised instruments. Especially guitar since we threw his broken toy guitar last time. I think it's time to replace a new one for him. Not like wonderful Kramer Guitars yet. We need a simple and cheap one first. If he a professional guitar player then maybe we can buy that kind of guitar for him.. Maybe someday.. Who knows...!

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